Kidnaped Miyabi [Menculik Miyabi] (2010)

Genre : Comedy
Producer : Ody Mulya Hidayat
Production : Maxima Pictures
Duration : -

Cast & Crew

Cast : Maria Ozawa, Nicky Tirta, Herfiz Novianty, Kevin Julio, Ricky Mocil
Film Director : Findo Purnomo

Maria Ozawa, a famous advertisement star in Japan given the task to give a quiz prize winners directly to Jakarta. Maria departure plan was he'd written on his personal blog, which turned out to be read by three young children Kevin, Ben and Aan. This news makes Ben and Kevin Aan spirit and forced to pick up Mary at the airport. Kevin, who was slow because Mike threatened to stay away from Jessica, the girl he had loved since she was in kindergarten, according to finally go see Maria directly

However, because of hectic with the fans of Mary at the airport, there was chaos. A girl in Taiwan, Yao Bie Mie, presumed Miyabi. As a result the girl was being chased and Aan who want to become a hero in the eyes of Mary, forcing Kevin and Ben "saved" from the pursuit Bie Mie Yao fans. Yao Bie Mie course tantrum, think Kevin is a kidnapper cs. Meanwhile, Ben Aan and see beauty Bie Mie Yao saw an opportunity to win a bet with Mike. Mike did give the terms, if Kevin cs could not bring the beautiful girl to the party, then Kevin should stay away from Jessica's life

Meanwhile, Jessica started to not feel at home with Mike's behavior was rude, wanted to start a relationship with Kevin that he was innocent and naive view. But the emergence of Yao Bie Mie looks familiar with Kevin to make Jessica's hurt. Is Kevin cs could win a bet with Mike, which brought a beautiful girl to a party and get back to Jessica's heart? Do you really like Mike said, Kevin cs just a dream to meet a lovely girl like Maria Ozawa? Can their dreams can become reality?




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